Founding Members

Back Row (Left to Right): Ben Wu, Sarav Periasamy, S.T. Hsieh, Bill Fang, Colin Tam, Jeremy Wu, Jeanette Pablo, Judi Rhee Alloway, and Jenny Hou. 

Front Row (Left to Right): Rosie Abriam; Keynote Speaker Tseming Yang, Deputy Gen. Counsel, US EPA; Bob Gee; and Margaret Chu.

Rosemary Abriam  S.T. Hsieh
 Jonathan Cahn  Patricia McMurray
 Rachelle Chong Jeanette Pablo
 Margaret Chu  Sarav Periasamy
 Bill Fang Jimmy Rhee
 Binky Garcia  Judi Rhee Alloway
 Robert Gee  Colin S. Tam
 Jeanny Ho  Benjamin Wu
 Jenny Hou  Jeremy S. Wu