Why did we establish AE2C?

Here are some thoughts from our founding leaders on the creation of Asian Americans in Energy, the Environment and Commerce (AE2C):

First, to overcome barriers. The story of America is its growing diversity, and Asian Americans are part of this story. But there have been barriers. Sometimes they are subtle, such as lack of education or income. Sometimes they have been overt when someone is passed over for a job because of the way they look. We see that a diverse workforce is a strength, not a weakness, and AE2C was formed to bring more diversity to the workforce and help our members move beyond the barriers.

Second, to open opportunities. Today, energy and environmental matters have a global reach. What happens in the United States affects the planet, both positively and negatively. The countries of Asia are part of the equation to fulfill the world’s needs for energy while preserving our environment. Our members hail predominantly from Asian ethnic heritages, and some live and do business there. As expressed in AE2C’s mission statement, we seek to “bridge the values, business practices, and cultures of Asia and the United States.”

Finally, to give back. Many of our Founding Members have had the benefit of years of experience, and we desire to assist those seeking to enter the workforce or to elevate others to higher positions. Only through our education and mentorship efforts can we be assured that the best and brightest from our communities attain their highest potential, for the betterment of our country in successive generations.

Why become a member of AE2C?

Being a member allows you to interact with a diverse mix of professionals in the energy, environment and commerce sectors, which will help you build strong relationships to enhance your professional network: 

  • Build your personal and professional network by connecting with more than 1000 Asian American professionals both in the United States and abroad. 
  • Learn from a diverse group of experts in the private and public sectors through online webinars and in-person events. 
  • Work with our sponsors to help them connect with the Asian community while enhancing your personal profile.
  • Advance your career by leading a committee or organizing an event.
  • Exchange information, build online connections and share job opportunities via our Members Only section.
  • Participate in mentorship programs bringing together students and emerging professionals as well as entrepreneurs and executives.

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What do we mean by Asia?

Asia is Earth's largest continent, with more than 60% of the world's population (4.7 billion people in 2022) stretching across 51 countries from Turkey in the West to Australia in the East. Asia represents more than 1/3 of global economic output.

The diversity of nations, cultures, languages, and religions makes Asia a melting pot of ideas, arts, and commerce. The top spoken languages in Asia are Chinese (29.1%), Hindi (12.2%), Bengali (5.9%), Arabic (3.2%), and Punjabi (3.1%). The world's major religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism were all born in and first spread across Asia.

Asian Americans, nearly 24 million (according to the 2020 census) have grown by 56% since 2010. The three largest Asian American origin groups are Chinese (5.4 million), Indians (4.6 million), and Filipinos (4.2 million) with Vietnamese, Japanese, and Koreans having communities of more than 1.5 million each in the United States. Geographically nearly half of Asian Americans live in the West and a third in California alone. More than 50% of Asian Americans have a college degree and more Asian Americans live in multigenerational households (25%) than the American population as a whole. The diversity of the Asian American experience inspires AE2C's work in the energy, environment, and commerce sectors.

While AE2C is deeply rooted in the "values, business practices and cultures" of Asia and the United States, membership in AE2C is open to individuals and organizations of all origins and backgrounds. Our members and leaders have wide networks across American and Asian societies which we share through AE2C. We thrive on the meeting of diverse ideas and experiences and welcome all to join and contribute to our work!