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  • 11 Dec 2011 9:26 AM | Jeremy Wu
    Youth energy sweeps talks on climate
    The Citizen Daily
    Studies from the International Energy Agency, the United Nations Environment Programme and countless other peer-reviewed scientific papers show that waiting until 2020 to begin aggressive emissions reduction would cause irreversible climate change, ...
  • 10 Dec 2011 8:47 AM | Jeremy Wu
    Congresswomen Judy Chu Touts Importance of Small Businesses at Asian Business ...
    “We created this event mainly because we wanted to create a platform for Asian-American business networking,” Arcadia Chinese Association president Josephine Louie said. She mentioned that the association also has monthly smaller workshops to help ...
  • 10 Dec 2011 8:45 AM | Jeremy Wu
    2011 Asian Pacific American Corporate Survey Released
    Asia Society
    NEW YORK, November 28, 2011 undefined An annual Asia Society survey has found that the longer Asian Pacific American (APA) employees live in the United States, the less favorably they view their companies. The 2011 Asian Pacific Americans Corporate Survey ...
  • 10 Dec 2011 8:43 AM | Jeremy Wu
    China remains largest market for U.S. soybeans
    Western Farm Press
    China remains the world's largest market for US soybeans, importing a record 24 million tons, valued at $12.1 billion, in 2011. US soybean exports to China have increased in each of the past five years and this growth can be linked to expansion in the ...
  • 10 Dec 2011 8:42 AM | Jeremy Wu
    US trade deficit shrinks for fourth straight month
    Los Angeles Times
    The bill faces an uncertain fate in the House. Critics charge that China is keeping its currency artificially low against the dollar to make Chinese goods cheaper in the United States and American products more expensive in China. Trade gap narrows.
  • 10 Dec 2011 8:40 AM | Jeremy Wu
    Ten years on, American business rethinks China dreams
    "The Chinese consider WTO entry the most historic achievement in US-China relations since (US President Richard) Nixon's visit to China," in 1972, Barshefsky said. It is a different story in the United States where, 10 years on, China's entry into the ...
  • 10 Dec 2011 8:30 AM | Jeremy Wu
    Investing in Solar Energy Technology
    By David Fessler
    The sun is a tremendous source of energy. Enough solar energy falls on a 100-square-foot area to completely power the average home. Photovoltaic solar is great technology...
  • 10 Dec 2011 8:24 AM | Jeremy Wu
    India Overstated Exports by $9 Billion Due to 'Double Counting'
    10 (Bloomberg) -- India's commerce ministry said it overstated merchandise exports by $9 billion in the eight months through November because of “misclassification and errors” in computing overseas sales. “Notwithstanding the misclassification, there ...
  • 09 Dec 2011 9:57 AM | Jeremy Wu
    Growing Demand for US Products and Services in Asia
    MarketWatch (press release)
    "We see growing demand for US products and services," said Fred Lam, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), speaking at the seminar, "Hong Kong: America's Bridge to Asian Growth." "For example, in the first 10 months of ...
  • 09 Dec 2011 7:27 AM | Jeremy Wu
    As Coal Use Declines in US, Coal Companies Focus on China
    Yale Environment 360
    With aging coal-fired US power plants shutting down, major American coal companies are exporting ever-larger amounts of coal to China. Now, plans to build two new coal-shipping terminals on the West Coast have set up a battle with environmentalists who ...

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